Introduction Of SDZ5047TSL Highway Road Sweeper

1.240L standard garbage bin can stock garbage and it is very convenient to change and clean the garbage bin.

2.It can sweeper with or without water.

3.There are panoramic glasses in cab, the field of vision is very open.

4.Equipped with color LED monitor which is convenient to check the status when sweep and reverse

5.Walking system adopts advanced, energy saving and highly stable AC driving system combined with powerful Curtis controller.

6.Short turning radius convenient and flexible operation in narrow areas.

7.420Ah maintenance free battery 4-5 hours charging can give 8-12 hours continuous operating time.

Parameter Of SDZ5047TSL Highway Road Sweeper

Model: SDZ5047TSL

Chassis brand: HOWO

Chassis model: ZZ1047C2813D145

Dimensions (mm): Length: 6060 Width: 2430 Height: 2450

Total weight (kg):4495

Wheelbase (mm): 2800

Waste container effective volume (m3): 1.5

Water tank capacity (L): 1000

Sweeper diameter (mm): 500

Roller diameter after rolling (mm): 600

Back sweep length (mm): 15000

Cleaning width (mm): 2300

Working speed (km/h): 15

Rated pressure of cleaning water (mpa): 15

Cleaning water flow (1/min): 7

Photos Of SDZ5047TSL Highway Road Sweeper

SDZ5047TSL Highway Road SweeperSDZ5047TSL Highway Road Sweeper

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