Introduction Of 68hp 4*2 Large Road Sweeper

Road Sweeper  is also called road sweeper, road sweeping truck, road sweep truck, etc. This kind of  sweep & suction type road sweeper which is  made byChina Coal is a new generation of cleaning tool. Usually it is equipped with power device,  cleaning device, suction device,  spraying &hydraulic


system on Dongfeng chassis,JMC chassis, Foton chassis,etc.This truck


has large sweep range, low fuel consumption, convenient operation and other advantages.


 It is mainly used to sweep the road garbage of street, highway, dock, station, square, cement mill,


electric power plant, etc.

Parameter Of 68hp 4*2 Large Road Sweeper

Main Technical Parameter

Product Model


 road sweeper

Overall Dimension



Curb weight (kg)


Approach/ departure

 angle (° )



Dust tank: 1 m3, 

water tank: 0.2m3

Cab capacity


Cab type

Flat proof, single row,


Max Speed (km/h)


Photos Of 68hp 4*2 Large Road Sweeper

68hp 4*2 Large Road Sweeper68hp 4*2 Large Road Sweeper

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