Introduction Of 11# I Steel Beam

11#  Mining H Steel Beam has stable performance, reasonable structure, good strength and rigidity.


11#  I Steel Beam is difficult to design and develop due to its single weight, small single section, complex deformation, many rolling passes, fast temperature drop of rolling stock, and difficult to remove the groove.


11#  I Steel Beam is mainly used for underground mine tunnels and roadway support.

Parameter Of 11# I Steel Beam

Name: No. 11 mining H Steel Beam


Material: 20mnk Q235


Model: 11#

Height: 110mm

Leg width: 90mm

Waist thickness: 9mm

Weight: 26.05kg/m


Each length is 8 meters, 8.5 meters, 9 meters, 9.6 meters, 10 meters, etc., the amount can be customized according to customer requirements!

Photos Of 11# I Steel Beam

11# I Steel Beam11# I Steel Beam

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