Introduction Of 12# I Steel Beam

The difference between I Steel Beam and H Steel Beam Different specifications


H Steel Beam: Specifications from 10# -63#

 I Steel Beam: Specification 9# -12# .


Different materials


H Steel Beam: mostly Q235 material

 I Steel Beam: 20MNk Q275 material


Different use


H Steel Beam is commonly used in steel structures, supports, bridges, and simple support.


I Steel Beam Used in coal mine support steel structures for strong support.

Parameter Of 12# I Steel Beam

12#  I Steel Beam material: 20mnk Q235


12#  I Steel Beam model: 12#


Height (h): 120mm


Leg width (b): 95mm


Waist thickness (d): 11mm


Weight: 31.18kg

Photos Of 12# I Steel Beam

12# I Steel Beam12# I Steel Beam

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