Introduction Of 9# I Steel Beam

I Steel Beam, also known as mining H Steel Beam, is a series of steels. It is a special steel for coal mine support. Its shape is I-shaped. It is similar to ordinary H Steel Beam and is mainly used for coal mine support and metal structure support. Such products are often formed in a mine shape, but the legs are often placed diagonally.


1. The outer edge of the I Steel Beam shall not be greater than 2.4% of the leg width.


2. The bending deflection of I Steel Beam shall not exceed 1.0 mm.


3. The eccentricity of the miner's steel shall not be greater than 2% of the leg width. Eccentricity: = b2-b1/ 2


4. The bending of each miner's steel shall not exceed 3 mm and the total bending shall not exceed 0.3%.


Parameter Of 9# I Steel Beam

I Steel Beam model: 9#  I Steel Beam


Height (h): 90+2.0mm


Leg width (b): 76+2.0mm


Waist thickness (d): 8+0.6mm


Weight: 17.69kg


Material: 16Mn


chemical composition:%


c: 0.16-0.20


S1: 0.30-0.60


Mn: 1.30-1.60


p: no more than 0.045


s: no more than 0.050


Mechanical properties:


Yield point N/mm2 (kgf/mm2): not less than 345 (35)


Tensile strength N/mm2 (kgf/mm2): not less than 510 (52)


Elongation %: not less than 21

Photos Of 9# I Steel Beam

9# I Steel Beam9# I Steel Beam

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