Introduction of Railway Concrete Sleeper

1. Classification of sleepers

Reinforced concrete sleeper

Long service life, high stability, low maintenance workload, damage rate and scrap rate are much lower than wooden pillows.

Timber made of wood

The wooden pillow has the advantages of good elasticity, easy processing, and convenient use.

Concrete sleeper

In addition to saving a lot of high-quality steel, prestressed concrete sleepers have the advantages of long service life, good track stability, and high speed and large capacity requirements.

Special concrete sleeper

Steel fiber concrete sleeper can improve the impact toughness and crack resistance, tensile strength, shear resistance, bending resistance and fatigue strength of the sleeper to extend the service life of the sleeper. It is suitable for small radius curves and joint parts, which can better solve the nail hole. Longitudinal crack, shoulder damage, etc.

2. Safety regulations for sleepers

(1)The road transport of sleepers should use vehicles with fixed frames. The transport vehicles should be compatible with the size of the sleepers. The number of loading layers should be no more than 6 layers. After loading, the vehicles should be tied tightly to prevent displacement during transportation.

(2)Rail transportation shall be carried out in accordance with the loading plan approved by the railway department.

(3) When loading the car, insert two triangular wedges between each sleeper to prevent collision and damage during the transportation of the sleepers.

4. Lifting sleepers shall comply with the following requirements:

(1) Lifting concrete pillows shall be made up of 4 persons; bridge pillows, squat pillows, etc. shall be increased.

(2) When lifting the sleeper, the hanging pillow should be firm, the lifting should be stable, and the pace should be consistent when placed.

(3) Single-person transport wooden sleepers should have a fixed person shoulder and then put down, should not shrug and throw, avoid collision with others.

5. When the sleeper is unloaded, it is strictly forbidden to touch, bump, fall or twist, to avoid endangering equipment and personal safety.

6. Buckle fittings should not be thrown during loading and unloading to avoid injury.

Photos of Railway Concrete Sleeper

Railway Concrete Sleeper

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