Introduction of 2500mm Capacitive Sleeper For Sale

A capacitive sleeper is a sleeper with a capacitive sensing sensor. The capacitor sleeper increases the transmission distance of the track circuit and reduces the transmission impedance of the track circuit. Capacitor pillows are generally cement sleepers, which are easy to shape and easy to install sensors.


Generally, the capacitive sleepers are used in railway tracks, and the rules are all 1435. At present, there are three types of commonly used capacitor sleepers in China. The common capacitor sleepers are suitable for 1435 gauge lines. The sleeper length is 2600mm, and the new type II capacitor sleepers are also applicable. In the 1435 rule, the sleeper length is 2500mm, the sleeper is stronger than the ordinary type, and the structure is different. In addition, there is a new type III capacitor sleeper. The same applies to the 1435 rule railway, the length is 2600. The strength and toughness of the sleeper are to be hit, and the weight is heavier.

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