Introduction of Railway Cement Sleeper

The railway cement sleeper is steam-molded once and has a smooth appearance, is hard inside, and contains multiple rebars. The cement pillow has a wide range of wood materials, the same specifications, uniform elasticity, good insulation, high stability, and is not affected by external conditions such as weather temperature, and does not rot and has a long service life.

The role of railway cement sleepers is to fix the rail track gauge, load the rails and pass the weight load of the vehicle, so that the rail pressure load is evenly distributed and transmitted to the roadbed, keeping the line stable and smooth.

Railway cement sleeper classification

Railway cement sleepers can be divided into U-rings and bolt press plates according to the installation method. The sleeper of the cement sleeper U-ring is easy to install. Simply place the rail between the two U-rings, place a rubber backing plate underneath, and then press the U-ring with a sledge to hold the rail. The cement sleeper bolt pressure plate is made of T-bolt from the reserved hole below the sleeper to secure the pressure plate to press the steel rail. One sleeper needs 4 sets of bolts, 4 pressure plates and 2 rubber pads. This kind of sleeper is convenient to maintain. Can be reused.

Photos of Railway Cement Sleeper

Railway Concrete Sleeper

Railway Concrete Sleeper

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Adel Zaki
Dear Sirs Greeting I hope you are interested to deliver and install a Concrete Sleepers Factory for producing Sleepers for Railways and Underground Metro in EGYPT I am looking for your reply SOFICO Adel Zaki Consultant Engineer email mob +2o1006609900
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For replacing the existing rail system in iron ore mining we need 1344 pcs concrete sleepers 1600mm and 112 pcs concrete sleepers 3900 mm . Also 2688 pcs clamps including plates and bolts are necessary. The rail is type: 60E1R260 If you are interested I can send the relevant drawing of the existing rail system
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luis viola
To whom it concern: Just want to confirm that I contacted Mr. Chuck Chen of your sales organization. The present requirements is for 280.000 concrete sleepers that will be order to the shandong factory if sleeper updated documentation is send to us (international certifications under european norms, local certifications that can be applied and accepted by the international community, china local certifications, concrete sleeper manufacturing certified process, materials involved and manufacturing process, quality of those materials) and any other proper certificate that can be presented to the argentina network railway authority for review and approvals processes.......... Pls this request should be manage as urgent request at factory. Await you prompt and kind reply THANK YOU.
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