Pneumatic car arrester Introduction

Pneumatic car arrester for utility model relates to the coal mine transport machinery technology, pneumatic stopper consists of two parallel fixed support and resistance before the car pole, front bearing seat, after the bearing seat and pedal interlinkage,monorail stopper fixed support are respectively fixed on the front supporting seat and the supporting seat, car pole resistance between two fixed support, connected to the rotating shaft through the resistance between two fixed support rod in the middle of the car, resistance are small top bottom heavy car pole, natural condition, the upper cock, pedal interlinkage consists of pedals, arrows and shifter lever, in the middle of the dial rod hinged between two fixed bearing seat, the upper end through the wire connected to the pedal. The utility model can automatically squeezer, can effectively avoid deviation artificial resistance car easily, high safety and reliability, simple structure, convenient installation, easy maintenance.

Pneumatic car arrester Technical Specification:

Model :1D(Y) SZ6-Y(Z)


Gauge:600 mm

Pneumatic car arrester Structure Summarize

The car arrester consists of electric putter, the hand lever, wheel gear device, control box, explosion-proof buttons and chassis parts. When using electric putter, hand pull rod sit idle. Instead use hand pull rod electric putter when idle. 

Pneumatic car arrester Photo

Pneumatic car arrester

Because of the production batch, the specific model are different, the above pictures are only for reference , you can contact our sales staff for further details on the specific verification.

Utility Model Patent Certificate

Pneumatic car arrester Certificate


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