Manual Car Arrester Introduction

Manual Car Arrester it’s purpose is to exercise the car stop in a fixed location, and cart machine, shaking table, the security devices such as cooperate with each other, the car handling operation to achieve the purpose of mechanization and automation. Manual car stopper at line settings can be divided into two kinds of front and rear car stop. Before the car stop stopper for the tub to be installed, after the car stop is used to stop the train.

Manual Car Arrester Main Structure

There are resistance wheeled car stopper and hook-type car stopper two kinds, they are by a pair of blocking claws, brackets, buffering mechanism, drives and other components.Differences: the former resistance tub wheels, while the latter's resistance tub meet, baffles or an axle.

Manual Car Arrester Technical Parameters

Model Power type gauge allowing maximum deformation resistance claw maximum displacement Remarks.

ZCY-6 Electro-hydraulic power 600mm 7800 N.m 100 mm.

Application of 1t, 1.5T, 3T mine car, plate car, material car and metal mines and other types of mine cars.

ZCY-9 900mm

ZCQ-6 pneumatic 600mm

ZCQ-9 900mm

ZCS-6 manual 600mm

ZCS-9 900mm

Manual Car Arrester Photo

Manual Car Arrester

Because of the production batch, the specific model are different, the above pictures are only for reference , you can contact our sales staff for further details on the specific verification.

Utility Model Patent Certificate

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