Zippered duct can be divided into positive and negative pressure air duct.

Positive pressure duct, adopts the technology of cylinder forming at one time under high-temperature and high-pressure , Longitudinal jointless,has the advantage of flame retardant, antistatic, wind resistance, seamless and high strength, suitable for working with local ventilation fan in coal mine, tunnel  for forced ventilation.

Negative pressure ventilation fan is made of seamless ram billet,high spring steel under advanced high-pressure heat sealing process refined, it has good suction effect, easy to bend, easy transportation and storage (each section individually wrapped), longer life etc., Applicable to coal mine dust ventilation, especially suitable for pumping gas use, and also for tunnel ventilation.

Zippered duct, especially for large diameter duct,it has the advantage of low leakage connector,easy to transport and carry, easy to use, etc.

Special shaped duct, big and small head air duct, trigeminal air duct, pants shaped duct, refined of high quality PVC material with high elastic spring steel , especially for supplying air for multi outlet ventilation  fans, double fans parallel strongly blowing, flexible air supply , multi roadway conveying air at same time, ease to use.


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