Introduction of Layflat Tubing

Pants duct Uses: used in coal mines, tunnels, underground local fan for positive pressure ventilation;
Pants duct varieties: according to coated cloth material can divide into  rubber coated positive pressure air duct, plastic-coated fabric and rubber coated cloth duct pressure pressure duct.

Pants duct wind pressure resistance : duct afer wind pressure resistance test shall no section disjointed, coated cloth torn seams opening and so on. Duct diameter expansion rate shall not be greater than 3.0%.

1.wind pressure resistance test: the inner duct pressure reaches 5000 ~ 5100Pa, and keep 5min, observe whether the section disjointed , tear, seams opening and other anomalies;;
2. swelling determination: in the same time duct pressure-resistant measured , measure duct circumference with a tape and calculate duct diameter expansion rate.

Packing and shipping store of Layflat Tubing

1.Pants duct rings should be folded outside, with a woven bags.

2.Pants duct during transport,should prevent mechanical impact and friction, avoid the sun and rain.
3.Pants duct should be stored in well-ventilated warehouse, stacking not too high, so as not to affect the use of quality, used duct, should first wash, dry and then stored folded, prohibition and detrimental to the rubber and plastic quality material contact, avoid direct sunlight, rain, warehousing temperature should be between -15 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, relative humidity between 45-75%, and not far from the heat source than 1m.
4.Pants duct within the specified transport, storage conditions, since the production date, shelf life 1 year of its flame retardant, antistatic meet the requirements of this standard.
5.Pants duct should be based on the size of the roadway and the fan flow to select the appropriate specifications and other requirements, as well as elbows, tees and other shaped specifications, flow direction when you connect.
6.Pants duct should be hung up in the roadway, so straight, taut hanging in prison, every ring will hang, see the bad will complement, turning slowly, excluding water, in order to facilitate reducing drag. (Patch Method: Wash the breakage dry, glue processing)

Photos of Layflat Tubing

Layflat Tubing

Layflat Tubing

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