Introduction of Ventilation Duct

Application:used in coal mines, tunnels, underground local fan for negative pressure ventilation;
air duct varieties: coated cloth duct by rubber coated cloth material into a positive pressure air duct, plastic and rubber coated cloth duct pressure coated cloth duct pressure.
1- end of the ring    2 - rings installed lines   3- rings   4- trans side
projet size tolerance(mm)
air duct dia.(D) 300 400 450 500 600 800 1000 0±6
air duct length(L) 5      10      20 0±100
1, hairdryer size or special shape specifications shaped duct, elbows, tees, etc., can be manufactured according to the buyer's requirements.
2, hairdryer rings, rings and other metal parts for end specifications are subject to special requirements agreed upon by both parties.
3, hairdryer opposite side ends plus its length L, is 150-200mm.
Duct ventilation duct performance test report
Diameter,,mm one hundred meters windage(N·S 2 /M 8 )
300          ≤811.0
400          ≤196.0
450          ≤122.0
500          ≤54.0
600         ≤24.0
800         ≤6.0
1000         ≤2.0

Photos of Ventilation Duct

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