Introduction of Needle Felt Dust Filter Bag

The product has a high temperature, high strength, resistance to acid corrosion, wear, bending, etc., through the different surface chemical treatment and finishing technology, but also has easy cleaning, water and oil proof, anti-static and other functions, and has suitable for 200 ° C-300 °C series.
1.Membrane pore size 0.23um between filtration efficiency can reach 99.99%, almost zero emissions. Porosity does not change after cleaning, dust removal efficiency has been high.
2.Membrane filter media used in the beginning, the pressure loss is higher than the general media, but it is put into operation, the pressure loss increases with increased use of time change is not large, and the general media pressure loss with the use of the extension of time growing.
3.Ordinary dust filter in use can easily enter into the interior, and piled up until the blocked pores, resulting in unusable. The use of PTFE membrane filter, the filtered dust is easy to remove from the film surface, cleaning effect, long cycle, the cleaning using the intensity of pressure is low, thereby increasing the life of the filter, and significantly reduce dust overhaul maintenance work, reducing the running costs of the product, and woven filter media and filter needle felt laminated, made of PTFE membrane filter media, widely used in flue gas purification dust, dust governance and special recycling and other fields.
4.The membrane filter media also has good chemical stability, heat resistance and chemical resistance properties.

Photos of Needle Felt Dust Filter Bag

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