This product is suitable with the coal face retracement support equipment applications, and more particularly for use in hydraulic prop face, can greatly reduce the labor intensity, saving prop time, improve prop efficiency. But also because of prop can operate from the column, it can greatly improve security.


1.Fixed pressure: 58 KN ;
2. Liquid reted pressure: 24 MPa ;
3. Max. telescopic stroke:TypeⅠ 680 mm ;

TypeⅡ  480 mm ;
4.Both ends of the hook head center distance:TypeⅠ 3.5 m ;

Type Ⅱ 3.3 m;
5. weight: TypeⅠ 22 kg;
Type 18 kg.


Due to production batch, the specific model, the above pictures for reference only, you can contact our sales staff to verify the specific verification.

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