Application characteristic Of Manual shift slide tool

YT4-6A, YT4-8A single hydraulic shift slide tool, is to meet the coal blasting mining, mining face of the needs of the design manual shift slide apparatus. Shift slide with other equipment, compared with adaptability, mobility and effortless operation, high efficiency, easy maintenance, safe and reliable, than centralized supply of hydraulic jacks shift slide can save a lot of investment in economically viable. This SGW40T, SGW80T several models such as flexible scraper conveyor and other small scraper conveyor supporting the use, in order to adapt to different forms of coal mines, the greater the degree of satisfaction of users' requirements, reducing accidents, civilization production, lower costs achieved remarkable results in all aspects. At the same time, this type of shift slide can be used as a small hydraulic machine, widely used equipment maintenance, handling accidents and some need the top, pushing the occasion.

Technology characteristic Of Manual shift slide tool

Rated push :39.2kN

Rated recycling pull:9.3kN

Lapse rate (the handle back and forth once:17mm

Handle push:7mm

handle push :10mm

Maximum stroke longitudinal inclination

Pump body low:60°

Pump body high:14°

Force Factor 90 times

Dimensions (fully closed when the piston rod)

stroke 600mm:855×135×210  

stroke 800mm:1055×135×210

First fuel injection  

stroke 600mm:3.3kg

stroke 800mm:3.86kg

Photo Of Manual shift slide tool

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