The product can also be used for large bundle of goods and braking purposes. HH2-2-back column is a high efficiency, multi-purpose portable lifting equipment in the coal mine. It in a variety of different angles retracement buried underground buried metal pillars and other devices for retracement of the mining height greater than 1 meter general mining, blasting mining and high-end pillar mining face are applicable, in addition, can be used as aids in pulling the coalface doing, other heavy lifting work.


1. Safe, reliable and durable;  

2. Easy operation and maintenance;  

3. High strength, small volume, light weight, easy to carry;

4. Larege drawing force , grip force is small, high efficiency.


1,Drawing force(max.).:5t

2,Drawing from the (maximum) :3m

3,MAX. handle fore:500N

4.handle length:520mm


Due to production batch, the specific model, the above pictures for reference only, you can contact our sales staff to verify the specific verification.

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