FBD Series (formerly BDJ60 series) Mine Explosion pressure-rotating axial ventilation, mainly used in coal mine as a push-local fans for the mining face and a variety of local ventilation chamber occasion, while , also applies to other mines and a variety of local ventilation tunnel ventilation plant together

This product has reasonable structure, complete specifications, high efficiency, energy-saving effect, low noise, air distance and other characteristics. Depending on the requirements of the ventilation resistance, the whole machine can be classified either used, thus reducing the ventilation power consumption, energy saving. Tunnel length of 2000 meters may move the fan normal air supply, reducing the labor intensity, saving ventilation time, the local coal mine ventilation is the ideal equipment.

Technology Parameter

Project                       Size                                   tolerance (mm)
duct diameter (D) 300 400 450 500 600 800 1000  0±6
duct length (L)       5      10      20                        0±100


Due to production batch, the specific model, the above pictures for reference only, you can contact our sales staff to verify the specific

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